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Thread: What do you all think of this boat? '81 Sleekcraft w/Twin 225's

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    Get Porter
    My inlaw ending up selling his Daytona to his neighbor for $34K so I didn't end up buying it. Since everyone was so helpful on my last post I was wondering what you all thought of this Sleekcraft as cheap family boat. I don't plan on racing or anything like that LOL! I just want tow the family around on skis and the tube and do some camping. I am estimating 55-60 if the motors aren't whipped. What do you all think of it? I know you get what you pay for, I'm just looking to have some fun!
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    Tom Brown
    Are the engines 1981 vintage, also?

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    Lake Ape
    I looked at that boat about 4 months ago just for giggles. I think the motors are '81 also. I know it was used in the ocean a lot and there was a lot of rust on the thing. The seller had a check sheet on the motors done by who knows who and they compression was supposedly good across the board. If I remember right the steering was really loose on that boat. The trailer was also in really bad shape with broken bunks and all. I would stay away from that thing unless I knew how to do the all the fixing myself. It is the only Sleekcraft that I have ever seen or heard of with twin outboards though. BTW that boat has been for sale for about a year I think.

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    The price is way high. I think you should be able to buy that boat under $12K.

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    i saw that boat.. but decided against it.. check out the nada value on it. also the boat didn't look as good as it does in the pics. there are better deals to be found. i picked up a 1985, 23' omega daycruiser with a 5.7 i/o for 3k.. nada has it valued over $10k (in top condition of course).. and all it needs is a good cleaning. keep your eyes open and don't get into a rush.. something will come around.

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