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Thread: Wishing all HB a very Happy New Year

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    I want to wish all the ***boaters a very safe and Happy New Year Be Carefull out there I want to talk to you guys not about you guys. 2006 should be fun with a lot of laughs and boating and less DRAMA :idea: well maybe just a little See you next Year

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    Thank you Diane have a safe and happy new Year

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    thanks sweetie! See you soon! Be safe and have a good time!

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    Mrs. casean
    Happy New Year to you! Have a great 2006!

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    Thank you... and back atcha
    BTW---dont party too hard, your house is in my district, and it would be awkward to have to respond to some drunk people that I know

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    Hardly Satisfied
    Everybody Have A Fun And Safe New Year

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    Feb 2009
    2,559 called?

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    sam pioske
    Here it comes ready or not, Happy new years to you guys and gals be safe and party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

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    Happy to New To all and to all a good night

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    AltarGirl called?
    Save the drama for yo mama! :boxingguy
    Have a great New Year's Diane, hope to see you both soon!!

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