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    Thanks for the tremendous response. What everyone fails to realize is that I am still with Hot Boat Magazine. We have our Hot Boat evaluations coming up Sept. 13, 14 and 15th. I will be there for the three days do my evaluations on all of the new 2002 models and from there we move on to Florida and do the East coast evaluations the middle of Oct.
    Any of the articles that we choose to use will be published in Hot Boat as a feature article. Be patient the first article will be coming soon and I really appreciate all of your ideas.
    Greg Shoe

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    Dimarco Kid
    GREG!!! Just the man I need to talk too! We got a bunch of guys over here (East Coast) that are pretty wound up over having our own East Coast Bash. When we get some final stuff taken care of (hopefully this winter) what are the chances of having someone say, like, HOT BOAT magazine to throw a little support our way. I would say the majority will be jets too, I know how you like jets Greg!
    We're not lookin' for promises, just possibilties. You can shoot some ideas around with us in "Official East Coast Site". You guys know how to have a good time over there, maybe you got some ideas for us. I know it looks a little rusty right now, but it is steadily moving forward.
    So Greg, how bout' it. Don't let the Mississippi keep us apart forever! Show a little ***boat love! Help us rookies move to the big leagues!
    Your truly,
    Dimarco Kid

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    I just ordered my subscription after doing without for three years. When it gets here I'll turn to Jet Tech first.
    Who knows maybe they will do a whole issue on jets, You know history, oddballs, accessories, hot rodding and all.

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    I'm just glad someone from HB is asking our opinions (and hopefully listening?). On their surveys, I know they get a lot of "Please give us MORE hot jets and tech stuff and less offshore big boats" but still the trend is towards big $$$ boats. I hope you can change all that Greg!!
    Good luck,

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