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Thread: Stringer mount Lightning foot throttle

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    I just received my lightning stringer mounted foot throttle from rex marine. It's nice and pretty except it's in several pieces. Does anyone know how to put this thing together. Maybe some one has some pics or something. HELP!!!!

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    Jake W2
    Ha ha when I got mine a few years back I thought the same as you, if you have any old Hot Boat mags look in the features and see if you can find a pic of one in there. Once you see it togeather it becomes easy to put togeather.There is dimple markes where the holes should be drilled and the foot petal angle is up to your liking the spring goes over the cable to pust it back.

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    It's kinda like the eractor set my parents got me as a kid. If I had some type of instructions there would be no issue.

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    No it's the stringer mounted one. Now I wish I would have just bought that one.

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