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Thread: Sorry for the SPAM....But I Could Use The Work !

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    Summer's coming guys ! It's time to get noticed out there and get something "cool" for the River ! PM me for details and prices.
    ...and don't forget our Prop Covers !
    http://www2.*** http://www2.***
    Got Shade ?

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    Stuff is looking good as always Jeff!

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    Thanks JR ! Hey did ya ever get the OK from the "boss" for a new canopy ?

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    DAMN that is a nice defiant canopy... Chris went large ......

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    Yep..turned out pretty sweet !

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    Should have my new logos in the next 2 weeks and the cover comes next. How long to make a custom cover?

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    Well, right now, we're about 3-4 weeks out. This is our busy season, but I'll see what I can do for a fellow ***boater ! Send me your graphics in Adobe Illustrator format if you can, it makes it alot easier.

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