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    Jim Hall
    After reading article in Hot Boat about 460 Ford exhaust/spark arrester test,I was impressed with results. I am changing out my spark arrester to larger volume and got to thinking about forcing a little more air into the equation. I have the opportunity to convert my engine cover scoop to a "ram air" type scoop. Is there anything to gain by forcing a little more air?

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    Dont quote me on this but i would imagine it would depend on the temp of the air and if you the extra fuel to go w/ it. But extra air is always good as long you have the fuel to go w/ it

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    xs ultra
    I'm Running a ram air set up. Just got it done over the winter. Had it out once so far.I was very happy. Feel like it had more power on the top side!
    The weather was windy and water was ruff so I didn't get to open it up the way I wanted to.Scoop is mounted on top of the deck with a special air cleaner to catch the air coming thru.

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    Jim Hall
    Thanks for the replies. I am concerned about the lean condition since I think I am a little under jetted now. I am going to give it a try, couldn't hurt.

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    You really have to be hauling ass to get any real change in intake pressure from a scoop. We did a test on a Bonneville car and at around 245, we actually got a pound of boost. On your boat, I wouldnt be too concerned about your mixture as it won't be an issue. Besides, as long as it's naturally aspirated, your carbs will compensate for any air going through them. It's only when you start compressing the air after it's gone through the carbs that you need to worry about adding fuel. :coffeycup

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