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    Jim B.
    I have some questions regarding Oklahoma. Here's the deal. My mom recently divoriced my pops and moved to a small town outside of Norman called Wayne. Her place kicks ass, 20 acres, 2500 sq. ft. home two ponds to fish, etc... My mom's side of the family is from Norman and I've been going there to visit my relatives since I was small and I love it as does my mother in which she has always wanted to move she did. I recently bought a house here in California which has already almost doubled in price! I'm seriously considering cashing out down the road and moving back there especially if a job opportunity arises in my field of work. I know OK has more lakes than I can frigin' count but how good are they for the type of boating we do. Is there alot of drag boat guys there? I wonder how Oklahoma's lake compare to California's lakes and rivers? What areas are good to live in? I know Norman is a cool place and my relative own 80 acres by Thunderbird lake but I've never boated there. Any feedback or thoughts will greatly help out. I'm just trying to get some insight for the place and see if Oklahoma would be a good fit for me. Bottomline: Everything else aside,where, if any, would be the "place" to be in Oklahoma??
    Jim Barnett
    Bakersfield, Ca

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    Good ??????

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    Tulsa is central to 5 very nice lakes within 30 - 45 minutes. Drag boat friendly or big boat friendly. Take your choice.
    But T-bird where you are talking is drag boat friendly.

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    dude call me 903-312-0791 call me we have a fram out on 72 street near dirty bird

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    I go to most of the lakes in Oklahoma and most are good for drag boats, I have not been boat in Cal. so as to how we compare I don't know? I say that its more layed back here not as packed but we have a good time, Let me know when you might be in town and well show ya around I live about 30 miles west of Norman . I love it here but I kinda a red neak so...
    :rollside: :rollside: :rollside: :rollside:

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    west of norman ,,that would be around chickasha aera or tuttle

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    Your close I live in Bridge Creek

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    jdf where you live in Texas? Do you go on the river run

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    tyler ,,,which river run ,the one oct at plowman's

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    Hey Oknozelman....... JDF used to live in Chickasha as I did for about 10 years. I had a boat shop there. We hung out at Chickasha Lake over by Verden quite a bit. We did wonder around oncew in a while to Keystone, Arbuckle, Murray, and Ft Cobb. Raced a bunch at Overholser. You mentioned Bridge Creek, as in big swirling wind didn't leave much. Isn't Bridge Creek like a suburb of Pocassett?

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