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Thread: Bravo I XR vs Bravo III XR

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    We've just ordered a new Fountain 38 Sport Fish Cruiser. Have recently seatrialed one with Mercruiser 496HO w/ Bravo III drives. It was a little sluggish out of the hole. Is this due to the counter rotating props? Originaly our new 38 was to come with Yanmar 315 deisels w/ Bravo III drives. The dealer stated that this package was not working for Fountain so they switched us to Cummins-Mercruiser QSB5.9-425HOs w/ Bravo III XR. Are these the right drives? We want to come out of the hole, get decent top end, & still be able to troll. Are there any comparisons that I can find on the net?

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    That's a big will not be a speed-demon out of the hole. If the motors are bogging, it's probably because you have so much prop biting.
    What does Fountain say about vented props? Same boat with Bravo 1's?

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    The Bravo III will be faster out of hole than Bravo I but the Bravo I will faster on the big end

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    The Brovos are the best outdrives unavailable... But they are hard to find. I think they are made in the Morecruzer Utah factory...
    Just a little brain fart

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