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Thread: Tell me again why I subscribe to Hot Boat??

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    Not So Fast
    Just got this month's issue, took about 4 -5 minutes to look through it. Nothing to see, Please disburse, move along. Wow, you talk about boring. I thought I had received an issue of Trailer Boat magazine, 10 pages on tubes, get real, although page 34 held my attention for quite a while NSF

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    Hot Boat has a magazine? :hammer2:

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    Family Boating an Performance magazine is a good addition to the monthly rags. Pretty good mag with some good tech articles, but sorry, no tube reviews. :angry2:

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    I've been waiting anxiously for the postman. You mean to tell me that when he finally gets here i'm gonna be pissed off? That just sucks! :cry:

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    I'm glad I let my subscription lapse. I forget to send in the "This is your last issue unless you renew now" Card.... Maybe I will wait a couple more issues to see if they pull there heads out of there asses.

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    I eagerly await to find out what broke on Mike Finnegan's boat or trailer on the way to or from the river and see how he turns it into a tech article! He is an f'ing genius!! Making money off of his boat problems. Also, I like to see how he positions himself around the models in the hot boat testing while he makes his oh so slick moves to get his arms around them.
    I was hoping for an article from him on "Does this goatee make me look fat, or is it my fat ass that makes me look fat?" LOL...just kidding Mike.
    I think the newer format looks cheesy and cheap.

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    was there not enough pretty pics for you to look at NSF? :hammerhea

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    Not So Fast
    was there not enough pretty pics for you to look at NSF? :hammerhea
    Like I said, Page 34 held my attention for 3 of those 4 minutes, talk about a great set of tubes NSF

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    Have they ever tested a boat that they used a little objectivity?
    Every boat is:
    This is a well built boat.
    A great addition to anybody wanting a quality boat.
    For the money you cannot find a better boat. (if you spent more you could get a better boat)
    This was a great handling boat.
    This is very good interior layout.
    The engine compartment was spotless. (???)
    The water was rough, but it rode through it. (???)
    You never hear:
    This boat sucks.
    There's no place to put my beer.
    The chairs are too narrow for a fat guy.
    This is one ugly looking boat.
    Why anybody would want a boat like this is anybody's guess.
    A Bayliner is a step up.
    Who picked these colors?
    The only good thing about this boat is the stereo.
    You should pull the plug out and use this as an anchor.
    You get the idea.

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    Something strange I noticed. The past few issues Mike Finnigan has been all over the mag. with interesting articles. I thought maybe Hot Boat was getting back to it's roots, ie, boats that regular people can afford. Then all of a sudden all this coverage on tubes, of all things. Also, Mike hardly had any articles. What's up with that?

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