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Thread: blow by

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    Looking for thoughts from the experts. Ran the Condor pretty hard last Saturday. The final run, I spotted quite a bit of oil on the valve covers and a lot of smoke from the breathers. Ran it in and loaded it on the trailer. Then I found the right side header was oil soaked.
    Any ideas are appreciated

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    Probaly need to run a puke tank.

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    Also make sure you're not filling the oil level too high. The crank frothing the oil could cause poor oil return from the heads as well. Do you have an oil temp guage? If so, how hot is the oil getting? Texas crude or synthetic? Viscocity? How long are you holding highest rpm? Your oil temp is probably the biggest question that needs to be addressed if this is a new problem and you're not running the boat any different from when you didn't have this problem.

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    how's your pcv? maybe it just got plugged with some excess stuff that may have been in the engine....especially with you running it harder?
    how's the hose to the pcv?
    have you done a compression test yet?
    hopefully it's something real simple!

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    Just a though but could a bad umbrella seal or chewed up valve guide cause it. Oil could leak in to the combustion chamber causing the smoking/ oil'd up header, and the smoke could rise up causing the breather to smoke aswell. Just currious

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    Start with checking the valve cover bolts and gasket. Then is the breather on the top of valve cover and a shield under it to prevent splash, plus my breathers have scotchbrite in them. Then do a leakdown test. If you don't find the problem, take a quart of oil out and run it again. Budlight

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    the pipe that had the oil in it was oil soaked almost like it was mixed with gas from what i saw before i left. tim hope it is something minor.
    pat(slotracer) :shift:

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    the pipe that had the oil in it was oil soaked
    pat(slotracer) :shift:
    oil in the pipe? I'm thinking rings or a burnt piston

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    I hate to say it, burnt piston! That was more than blow by......Doug

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    First and foremost of course check your plugs. Check your plugs then check them again. Look for the dreaded signs of pre-detonation. Hopefully it's not too late, but I agree with the other statements that it may be a burnt piston. If it is, the plugs will show it. I really hope for your sake it's not.

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