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Thread: Portable XM Radio

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    I have an older non XM capatable head unit.
    Do the FM modulated units reduce SQ that much?
    The units I'm looking at the hand held ones with an internal antenna. They also have an outboard antenna. The unit also uses a mini jack to RCA's so they can be pluged into the back of home receivers. Are car head unit input RCA jacks compatible with output signals from this type of setup as well?
    The nice thing about these type of units is you can take them anywhere and not be totally hardwired into a system

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    I just bought the Roadie2. The FM modulator blows for SQ. I need to hard wire. The only way to go.

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    yup sound does kinda suck alright for the truck to listen too.I have the hard wire kitfor the roadie that makes it more direct but havent tried it out in boat yet.

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