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    Anybody know much about where to boat in Blythe? Currently hangout on Parker but its too crowded on Saturdays and the wakeboard boats screw up the water badly. Occasionally run up to Havasu, but many of the same problems, only bigger boats. I have heard Blythe is home to many hardcore jets. I would appreciate any suggestions on where to launch, and what parts of the river to stay away from. I dont care to run aground, as I have read in other posts. Thanks!

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    Hey 1qj, if you want to stay around Blythe you might try Lost Lake, they have some good running boats up there. I personaly go low in the the river area (Hidden Shores, Martinez and Fishers) and there is some nice fast boats down there. I like this part of the river better than Blythe just because of the scenery. Give it a try and I think you might like it http://free.*** .

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    I've been going to Blythe for 20 years now.
    Make sure you check waterflow reports from ( to be sure they are flowing over 9000 CFS from Parker dam. Based on my experience, when flows are less than this, water levels at Blythe are dicey.
    The good news is that there are no rock bars to speak of. Plenty of sand.
    Launch from Riviera Marina ($7/day). If you go upriver from there, north of I-10, you will pass numerous homes, campsites, etc. Sandbars abound as you continue north, and you must watch the water carefully. You can go approx 10 mi upriver until you hit the Palo Verde Diversion dam which separates upriver (Lost Lake, Red Rooster, Big River, and Parker further up) from downriver. Nice clear, cold water here. In fact, this area is used for fast water rescue training.
    Heading downriver from Riviera you can find some of the finest waterskiing water I've ever seen, especially on a late Fri afternoon. Continuing south is Goose Flats, an inlet for partying and family fun (not necessarily the same) on the Calif side. Further down is McIntyre park where there are camping and launch facilities. The only fuel on the river is at Riviera that I know of. McIntyre has fuel but not on the water.
    I have got a dose of water in the gas from Riviera once, so be sure others go ahead of you.
    Further south the river seems to get deeper in the channels, until you pass under a couple of bridges. This is about 15-20 miles south of Riviera.
    No shortage of hard core jet boats here.

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    Thanks fryzll and gstark for the help, I will give a try. I appreciate the advice. I have heard it is kind of hard to judge the depth because of a lot of sand/silt in the water. Is all of that hard on the pump? I heard GS mention that Blythe locals generally need pump rebuilds sooner than Havasu or Parker patrons.

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    Generally, after a couple of runs up and down, you begin to learn the river, you will know where to go and where to stay away from. Up river from the 10 requires more diligence to avoid really low water sections.
    I think that what you alluded to, that the water is "dirtier" with silt is fairly correct. Sand would tend to sink to the bottom after being churned up. Whether or not this damages the wear ring, etc, will depend upon its clearances. I had MPD do my pump on my previous boat and if I remember correctly, he set the clearances for where I ran so I would not have pounds of silicone carbide machining away at my wear ring.
    The best prevention is to know where you are, pay close attention to the water color and not get distracted.

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    I too have been going to Blythe for many years. 13 to be exact. I keep my trailer at Mayfower park. Take the I10 to Intake hwy95, go up to 6th street, go right and take all the way till it ends. Jets and flats rule the water here. If you're looking for smooth skiable water, launch at Macyntire (take intake south past the I10, follow the signs) and head up river a mile or so. Its like oil. If you don't have an RV and hate camping, the best place to stay is the Hampton Inn in downtwon Blythe. Hampton is right off the corner of Lufkin and Hobsonway. Have fun!

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    I have always like Big River, it's just on the other side of the dam. The dam keeps all the big boats off our side of the track, but we do get our share of wake board boats. THe water drops during the night so the morning can be very low, but rises most weekend by 10:00am to a very safe level. For this reason this side of the dam is mostly jets boats. We arnt even close the how hard core lost lake is with races, but we are growing.
    From Big River you have about 40 miles of river to play on going south (lost lake, waterwheel..) with a lot wide open space. What you wont find on this side of the dam on the water is any stores or bars and only a very few place to get gas on the water. This does keep the holiday crowd down.
    We camp a Big River RV park and you can rent your space by the day or month (this is what we do). We rent for 4-5 months every summer, this allows of to set-up camp once for the summer and just show up on friday ready to go.

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    Beached 1,
    I met you Saturday night, and you talked me into checking out Blythe. If you don't mind my asking, what do you pay to park your trailer per month?

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    gstark & beached1: Hip, Hip, Hooray to the fellow Blythe boaters. I used to have a small travel trailer and camp at Mayflower in the early 90's. About 5 years ago my wife and I bought a mobile home in the park next door to Hidden Beaches on 6th Avenue. The Park is closed this season under going some renovation. We drove to Blythe Sunday morning after OP6C on Saturday and man was it skinny. Had to push the V-drive about 100' in 12" of water before finding some deep stuff.
    Thx, HRr

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    Josh, $35 a month. Hidden Bitches is right next door and last time I checked it was $25 a month there. I just keep mine at Mayflower because it's a little nicer. If you ever want a sample of the Blyhte life, let me know. OP6ers rule!

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