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Thread: Subwoofer Ring

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    Hey Whats Up Everyone Was Wondering If There A Way I Can Buy The Plastic Ring That Goes Around The Top Of A Jl Audio 10w6? Ups Got A Little Crazy With The Box A Broke It So I Would Like To Replace It. If Not Is It Still Mountable Without It?

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    Is it a 12w6v2d4? If so, eventhought the surround is glued to the big silver trim ring, the black trim piece that is held down with screws does kinda help hold the surround down in place.... Most noticeable will be in play at high volumes when the speaker is really moving...
    They can't be that expensive...then again :notam:

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    no its a 10 w6

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    Chris, he bought the JL stuff from Cole Trickle. I need to call you about some amps now

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    Roz- Do You Know Were I Might Be Able To Get A Replacment Ring?

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