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Thread: New power!!!

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    Hi all this is my motor project. I have this up posted over at The Inside Sorry if you have allready sean it. Didn't get a lot of intrest so I thought I'd see what you guys think.
    I thought I would show ya'll what I'v been up to this winter. My boat is a 2004 Wyatt's Performance 24' Lightning. When I bought the boat from Wyatt it had a 496" BBC w/ a 850 carb and 100 hp shot of nitrous. The boat ran good , it would run 104 mph w/ perfect conditions. That was pretty good but I wanted more. I called a good friend of mine Bert at Moore Machine Shop, and we started ordering parts.
    This is how the boat looked
    The first thing we ordered was a set of Brodex BB2+'s w/ big valves and 750 # springs. the exhaust valves are Inconell. Bert did a full port job on the heads and I polished the ports and the combustion chambers.
    After the port and pollish Bert had redo the valve job

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    Next I ordered a hard roller blower cam that is a 642-642 lift 114* center line, I also ordered a set of Comp Pro Magnum cromemolly roller rockers, w/ a set of new push rods that fit the new rockers and Brodex heads. After we got some new parts I pulled the motor out of the boat and we tore it down. We preped the blocked by plate honeing, but I pulled the threds out of one of the head bolt holes when instaling the torque plate, so next we drilled and taped the bad hole so we could put in a helacoil.
    next Bert plate honed the block
    What we did next is a little diffrent, we drilled holes in the block and installed jets that spray oil on the bottom of the pistons to cool them and help fight detonation
    When we had the block preped we installed the Calico coated bearings
    after the bearings were installed I set the Scat 4.250 stroke crank
    Now it was time to torque the mains.

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    After we torque the mains it was time to check the end paly
    Need a little more play
    After we got the crank in we intalled thr .060 over J&E flat top pistons and the 6.385 Eagle rods. Can't find the pics of the rods and pistons?
    Can't find the pics of the cam and timeing set install??? :hammerhea
    Next came the Coyles Hex-A-Just timeing set and dagreeing the cam
    We put on the ARP head studs and set the Cometic multi layer head gaskets
    Next we set up the rev kit and set the heads
    Now it was time to torque the head bolts
    Next Bert installed the Boost Power 420 blower type EFI intake manifold

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    We went ahead and installed the valve covers to keep things clean w/o the rockers because they had not come in
    After the intake was on we set the Chiller housing from Boost Power it has a 6-71 type top and a 420 type bottom.(to make it possible to fit the EFI injectors in the intake below the blower.
    Now it was time to put on the blower( it's a baby 6-71 but I already had it so ...)
    Now to show you what I'm running for the induction system, it will have 16 electronic injectors, 8 above the blower in a plte from Boost Power and 8 below the blower in the intake

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    And for a throttlebody I'm using a Enderly Bug catcher
    This is what it looks like all together
    Richard from R&L Motor sports hooking up the injection
    The new Accel dis. to work w/ the port injection
    W/ fuel return and the blower belt
    Well I'm not done yet but I'm geting closer I'm going to try to fire it up this weekend :rollside: What do Yall think?

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    FRIGGIN nice !!!!

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    Looks great to me man.
    How long is the drive gonna last? LOL

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    Nice setup, how will you rig your alt.and water pump. It should run good. I like the lifter setup.
    Late, Mike

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    Looks kill, feel free to post more

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    Seen your posts before, I have to laugh, you know all this time I thought you were Info's friend( with the quad rotor).

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