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Thread: Any vets (animal type) in the house?

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    got home today, and my dog looked like this:
    any idea what is causing it?

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    Hide your stash before you leave for work.

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    I thought I did, the foker also stole a 6 pack and was letting all sorts of strays party at my pad.... :eat:

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    Poor puppy

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    Poor puppy
    I know....still a happy camper though

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    We had a dog whose eyes turned like that - some type of spider bite is what the vet thought. Cleared up after a few days.

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    Look up "cherry eye"
    here's a website..
    I think the surgery is a couple hundred bucks. It's more of an inconvenience than anything I believe.

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    thanks dig and c2, looking into both

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    Call Jay Hight at Sunnybrae Animal Hospital. 707-822-5124. Best Vet in Northern Calif.

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