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    The unedited version of this just poped up on the Donzi forums........ It was probably to hot for the "Hot"Boat forums so I edited it.... but wait a kinda still looks......oh nevermind

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    No worky.

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    Can anyone else see it? It appears when I view the thread from at home and at work..... anyone?

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    Just a RED X, we all have seen that before

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    Red X for me too.

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    OK this is wierd... I just logged on through another puter and it is displayed here...??? I'll post a link, that should work....
    Here's the picture that should be displayed.... (

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    Sportin' Wood
    need to login, I'm not a member. I have a Hallett, not a Donzi-they won't allow me in.
    You need to "save as" and host it somewhere else

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