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Thread: Reverse spam:Anybody here own this boat?

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    I would LOVE to buy this one, if it weren't on auction with the reserve price met.....sooooooooooooooo
    I am looking for this exact hull around socal...
    Squirtin thunder... do you have this hull?
    73-78 Sanger "bubble deck" with trailer is what I am looking for.
    With or without motor is okay.
    What 'chu got?

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    Looks like it's at $4050, reserve hasn't been met yet? Good Luck!

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    1978 Rogers
    It's not blown.

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    What the hell is RTX :messedup: Another classic Ebay Ad :sleeping:

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    well, it jumped up a lot in the last few hours, it got away.. :lightsabe

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