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Thread: Anyone ever heard of a Kurtis Jet Boat?

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    As you may have read in my posts a few weeks ago I just bought a 21' Daytona recently. In all my running around trying to pick up parts here and there I came across an old jet boat that a guy who runs the local powder coat shop has and I have never seen before. It is a Kurtis, and looks kind of like a Rogers/Sanger or one of those boats with the rounded off back end and it is a very nice looking boat. I thought Kurtis only made Hydros. Have any of you guys seen a Kurtis jet boat? I am going to take some pictures of it and if I can ever figure out how to post them here on the boards I will put them up along with picture of my Kevlar Daytona.

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    A guy that I grew up in with Ventura County had a Kurtis V-Drive, Runner Bottom, wild colors but a very very fast boat. It ran well over a 100. I would think that you could make any hull a jet!!

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    And a guy I worked with had a Kurtis 18' V bottom, very similar to the Southwind hull. He ran it at Ming about 8 years ago.

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    xs ultra
    I owned a Kurtis about 4 years ago. loved that boat. 18ft 454chevy full stringer.The ride was good.Sold it only to move up to a bigger boat.

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