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Thread: Do you drive any differantly?

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    I'm just curious to find out if anyone else has changed their driving habits since all these Freeway shootings have been occuring. I know I am a little more curteous and don't cut people off or tailgate EVER anymore.

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    It's unfortunate that it took freeway shootings to make that possible.
    Not like it was an every day thing. But driving in Orange County all the time it sometimes happens. I just make an effort now to not allow it to happen.

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    I Look In My Mirrors Alot More.

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    I just noticed that I misspelled differently anyone know how to edit a subject?

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    If I carried my piece I would def. shoot back, but I dont..I drive the same..but if it were to happen u can damn well believe im gonna run that mother F'er off the road and I wont stop till he is dead!

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    Nope...I still drive like a bat outa hell.

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    All I can say is if they shot me they better kill me.Cause 20 years of racing has taught me a few things about spining someone out.....

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    I now drive around looking for the mother f*cker. I will run his ass of the road and then say it was a self inflicted gun wound

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    I drive the same...I drive too fast, but I don't tailgate and I try not to cut people off for those exact reasons. I don't trust other people. I don't pack. And I don't need to deal with the drama before I get where I am going. I have been cutoff and tailgated, I have to admit tailgating...I could care less.....I don't brake check... Cutting me off pisses me the f*ck off!!!!

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