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Thread: thrust bearing replacement

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    I was wondering if its possible to replace the thrust bearing without having to remove the engine?
    Does the bearing slide out easily or is it a pain in the ass?!!!

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    I was wondering if its possible to replace the thrust bearing without having to remove the engine?
    Does the bearing slide out easily or is it a pain in the ass?!!!
    The bearing is pressed on the shaft, the shaft comes out the front of the pump. If you don't want to pull the engine your only other option is to maybe slide the pump out the back, then remove the Impeller, front bearing cap, slide the shaft out the front of the pump. if you don't have a setback...pulling the engine is the best option (sorry)

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    I have the shaft disconnected from the engine ,and the pump bowl is off . If I pull on the impeller it kinda pulls the shaft out about an inch , it doesnt have any play pushing it forward that I can tell. Is that normal ? I really dont want to have to replace the thrust bearing if I dont have to. The guy I got the boat from said that he had done an overhaul on the pump about 50 hrs before I bought it. But I dont really know the signs of a bad thrust bearing. Plus I live in an apartment and dont really have the facilities to pull the engine.

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    don't take a chance it will cost you big time later ..

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    What pump do you have ? I have a Berk. JG and the shaft pulls out of the rear. There is a "C" clip that keeps the shaft in place in front of the bearing. If you have the bowl off and you have a Berkeley jc jg you can pull the shaft out from the rear AFTER you remove the retainer clip. If you have room to get a gear puller on the front with caution you could push it out the rear.
    Now that you got the bowl off replace the oil seal too.

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    I have a berk jf pump

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    Also , if the thrust bearing was needing to be replaced getting on the power would move the impeller into the wear ring right? Well theres no wear anywhere on the impeller where it sits up against the wear ring

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    change that bearing.
    I forget what the F pump is, i think its like the e pump (insert pump) , youll have to pull the motor to get to the bearing if thats the case. I would get that bearing changed out, you mentioned the shaft has an inch of play... that doesnt sound healthy to me.

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    Yep, the JF is an insert pump like the JE. Difference is the odd steering/trim yoke. Engine needs to come out to remove shaft and bearing assembly.
    Cave, if you were able to just slide the shaft out of the bearing, I'd be thinking there is a problem. There should be a tighter fit than that. Last one I did required a press, although not to much pressure, on both assembly and disassembly.

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    Duane HTP
    cave, you have a problem if your shaft came out the back. Pulling the shaft out the back with a puller or whatever is asking for a broken pump housing. The slinger ring behind the thrust bearing can NOT pass through the packing. Trying to do so can break the lip off of the suction housing that holds the packing in place.

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