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Thread: Wish us luck!! Going to test with the best!!

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    bunny 166
    Heading out to Elsinore right now to test the Conquest!!! Wooo-Hooo!! Darrin and I will be with Mike from Prime Marine and Gordy from Pfaff for our driving lessons today!!! Wish us luck and I'll post pics tonight!! http://www2.***

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    Good Luck Honey Bunny!

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    Have fun guys. Tell Gordy Brian says hi

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    Learn how to drive, I want a ride on that beast this weekend.

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    Good luck..hope she lives up to the name!!

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    Tom Brown
    Way to go, Bunny. I'm sure it will be fantastic.

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    good luck w/the test...
    get some pics and let us know how it goes

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    Good luck girl!!!!!! Take some pics of that thang, I wanna see it. Oh, and get some of the boat too. :wink: :devil:

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    good luck.It should be nice there today.

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    congrats on the ride!
    Hope you and Darrin had fun..

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