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Thread: ? for jet boat racers

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    How do you guys run your boats on the trailer with a bilge pump and bucket? How do you hook it up?

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    If I remember right
    Bilge pump hooks in the bucket, one hose to the inline water, power to battery.
    I will ask in order to give specific details.

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    RD Express
    Never did run water to it.

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    ***boat mag recently did an article on this.
    12 volt bilge pump submerged in a bucket full of water,the hose coming off the bilge goes to inlet line of engine, water coming overboard dumps right back into the bucket, done deal, its really basic, and theres endless ways to do it, just use your imagination.

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    But you need a jet-a-way!!

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    No...Just remove the driveline

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    Yes I just went to ming and watch some peeps doing it.
    Remove the drive line.
    Just remember this is hot water and it purpose is to warm the motor up.
    I watch a small child start to reach for the bucket shortly after someone had done that, oooh ouch, but they were stopped before hand.
    Why are you looking to start this?

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    But you need a jet-a-way!!
    Sure makes it easier than unbolting the driveline all the time or having to run a lenco deal in a river ride.Plus the added safety is cool!

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    No...Just remove the driveline
    most river/race guys have u-joint type drivelines and removing the 4 bolts on the PTO is a pain in the ass, especially in between rounds. If you wanna race just get a ratchet.

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    Jake W2
    I thought you could not race a jet with out a Jetaway?

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