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Thread: First $200,000 28' Deckboat!

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    Keith E. Sayre
    Wow! Here's the breakdown of what is probably the coolest and for sure the
    most expensive 28' deckboat on the planet! Bob and Tina Pecoy designed and had us
    build it with lots of help! Tinas parents have a home in the keyes in Parker and will be seen this weekend running the Parker strip. (About 117 mph if you really want
    to know.) That's with 4 people, all the kids stuff onboard, 75 gallons of av gas and the big stereo too!
    We sold him the boat prerigged without an engine or drive or gimble. Paul Pfaff built him a 1300 hp quad rotored EFI 557 incher. Then Gordy and the boys at Pfaffs installed it with an IMCO 4 X 4 outdrive. Bullet proof package
    that idles right and shifts great with a tranny! It does like the gas though!
    Then he went to get himself a trailer at Extreme and saw Jesse James leaving with his new trailer. Not being one to be outdone, Bob stepped up again!
    Then the real magic happened at Dick Vales shop. He even painted the underneath side of the engine hatch to match! There's so many different
    cool things hidden in the paint that I won't start! Check out the skulls in
    the blue stripe though!
    An Outstanding boat for an outstanding family. Have fun Bob and Tina and
    Keith Sayre
    Conquest Boatshttp://www2.*** http://www2.*** http://www2.*** http://www2.***

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    bear down
    sweet....If you have it why not.

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    117 mph huh!
    Any interior pics?

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    Saw this bad boy at the poker run. Didn't know what it was though as I've never seen a deck this outrageous. Nice boat.

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    Dave C
    now thats a paint job!!

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    Wow that is awesome looking.

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    Wow, that is one bitchen looking Top Cat! I love it!

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    Dan Lorenze
    Very nice.... Life is good...

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    Maybe someday??? Not!

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