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    Hey All,
    Recently ran into a situation that only a dumbie like me would....
    Last year bent a valve on my Gen 6 450/502 and when shop was putting back together they called me to ask what pushrod was used in the moter. Mind you this was a stock crate motor. They claimed neither Merc or any local parts shops had a number for it. Finally found one and put back together, ran great but "I" thought one side had more of a tick to it..
    30 hrs and 9 months later it pretzeled that same pushrod. Actually drove the ball in the top down into tubing. Now the mechanic just told me well the one we put in was the same length but the shoulder on the end ball is shaped a little different. Now my $50,000 question without any responsibility, what's the consensus that they used wrong pushrod? Thats 95% of my thinking...
    Everyone in advance
    Just afraid of pounding that pushrod again, 90% of use is in 35-3900 range, stock 450hs - 502 motor with Merlin intake and Thru-hulls.

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    weather the pushrod used was the same shouldnt concern you as much as why it pretzelled again. id look closely at your lifters and lifter bores, making sure they are not getting stuck. then also the valve and valve guides. assuming spring preasure is correct, check for coil bind and or missalignment. also make sure the oiling system is working properly to these components. a blockage in oiling may be why the lifter is sticking and bending the pushrod. remember too that oil should flow through the pushrod itself. i hope your not planning on just getting another set of pushrods and runnin it, there has got to be something wrong there. look for it. and good luck.

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    I agree with VictorFB, you got other things to worry about. I would go over that cylinder with a fine tooth comb.

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    Thanks Guys,
    He just wanted to replace pushrod and run it, that's what worried me..... :angry2:
    Thanks again,

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