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    I just found A 71 Sidewinder 18"Super Jet that has been siting for four years. I'am looking for any info. I'am new to jet boating and do not know what to expect. The 455 olds seams tight, runs good after I rebuilt the carb, and has good compression. I know nothing about the jet is there anything I can look for befor I put it in the water. Thank You

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    You might want to contact Eliminator Boats. They would have all the info you want on the boat. Goood luck

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    does the boat cool well? i had some problems
    with my berkley because it sat for a while.
    check the water intake from the jet with a
    garden hose before you do any thing .

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    I would replace the water hosesif it has been sitting for a long time. If your not going to use s.s. braided hoses use some real good rubber ones. I have seen so many water lines split on jet boats. You jet pump put out alot more pressure than a car water pump. I a hose splits your boat will fill up pretty quick. And the faster you go the faster it pumps water in your boat. The stainless steel hoses cost a bundle but they are worth it.

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