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Thread: I may be headed to the dark side but rare boat find.

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    Located a V-Drive CV-21. One of only two in exsitance. I already have a 73 Carlson Jet CV-21 but could'nt pass this one up.

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    At one time it had a 600 hp Keith Black and would run over 90mph. Now it has a super healthy 455 Olds.

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    Thats real cool!

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    was the v drive done at the factory or what? wonder why they only made 2 of em?

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    Heres the rest
    The V-Drive was installed at the factory by the owner who worked with Glastrons race team. Musta been a prototype thing.

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    looks as if it will draw a good 3 ft of water with a load of folks in the boat. be carefull lol nice rig though good luck

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    Wooh, with all the green, I was thinking of 'Slimer', from Ghostbusters.
    Hey if it rides good and runs, who cares about the dark side.
    The second set of pics have an orange boat, is that the same, but redone?

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    tom brown's new k boat ? :idea:

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    Thats some pimp schit there :wink:

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    No the second one is my CV-21 Jet I restored last year.

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