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Thread: I have now entered the Dark side "rare boat find"

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    He V-drive guys I was looking for a little info on V-drives found a rare CV-21 Carlson Glastron V-DRive. What kinda driveline is in my boat and any tips. Do you have to start the boat in gear or can you just flip it back and forth like my CV 21 jet. Boat would run 90mph with a 600 hp Keith Black. Now it just has a well built 455. How realiable are these set ups. Well I guess they couldnt be to bad since the guy has been driving it since new in 1972.

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    Wow, that thing sure is GREEN. Green all over..........Looks like a nice old ride, and I've never heard of, or seen one.........MP

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    Well I guess it would work for a 50mph ski boat!..

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    Pee Dub
    Welcome to the "Dark Side". Damn sure a conversation piece!

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    Shit, here I thought this was the "Bright Side"!...

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    More pics
    Ski boat or slap a KB back in it and have a nice little sleeper. LOL

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    Roman 1
    Holy shit thats ugly!!!
    R1 :squiggle:

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    Roman 1
    Oh I'm sorry, wheres my manners? :messedup:

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    I would try and contact the boys at Orange County Choppers, they might know more info about it, seems they were building steering wheels back then.

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    Ski boat or slap a KB back in it and have a nice little sleeper. LOL
    I would go Blown KB for sure maybe 140!! race it in the K class!!

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