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Thread: MMSW is gradumanated

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    Sportin' Wood
    She won't post it so I will. I'm damn proud of my wife. After 5 long years of study, work, and family raising, Angie walked out of her last class to day. Next stop is walking up to get her Bachelor of arts in Social Science from California state university San Marcos. She also is recieving a minor in history.
    Congrats Angie, Thanks for a great birthday present........ now go get a job!
    Congrats to Mrs Casean as well she did it also. You girls are smart a$$es

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    congrats............................... :hammer2: :hammer2: :hammer2:

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    What is gradumanated LOL
    Congatulations to her

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    Good job...cant wait til its my turn.

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    Congrats to a job well done!

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    Sportin' Wood
    What is gradumanated LOL
    Congatulations to her
    Ya'll gonna be gradumanated en smart en stuff ain't ya girlie..
    That is what Gradumanated is!
    You can take the trash out of the trailer, but you can't take the trailer out of the trash!

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    way to go ,grat job or got r done

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    Congrats Angie! What a great accomplishment. Tandi is two quarters away from her Bachelors in accounting. Now get to work! Or not.

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    I am so proud of you, I know how hard that is, I only have my AA, my folks are always after me to get my BA.
    congrats soon to be fellow trailer trash buddy!!!!

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    Congrats MMSW!!

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