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Thread: Kilrtoy's second job...

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    Sorry guys but I dont have a Cat or Tunnel but though you guys in here need to here the truth. Now that Kilr has a new DCB he has to work a second job to make the payments. But due to the strict rules of the LAPD on moonlighting, he has to work a disguise. :wink:
    Look for yourself (

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    LOL!!!! I wonder how many hours a day he had to spend in makeup for that part.

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    Dave C
    thats no joke, I hear those schools in LA can get kinda rough! :boxingguy

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    Please stop associating him with LAPD. He is not.

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    That is classic..... I can see that playing in the DCB booth next year.... :messedup:

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    Please stop associating him with LAPD. He is not.
    Hmmmmmmm,almost had tone to it.
    Cool video btw.

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    No tone, just tryin to keep it real. Seems to be a big misconception where the guy works.

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    clean supreme
    that's some funny shit

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