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Thread: Stoker 204 For Sale

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    1995 Stoker SST 204 - White with dark red to yellow fades, Evinrude 225, L&S jack plate, 4-blade 25 pitch SS Turbo Prop, Sony stereo w/10 disc changer, 4 6x9 speakers, ski pole, bimini top, boat cover, Competitive tandem trailer w/folding tongue, fast and dependable, last serviced by Alan Stoker on 5/11/05, Compression was between 150 - 155 in all cylinders, Asking $18000 obo. I will put up pics of the interior later.

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    Hey.......we just joined the Stoker club and now you are leaving

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    Unfortunately yes. :cry: I'm just trying to get some business opps going and for me, that means the boat has to go right now. I'm sure there will be another in my future.

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    Damm.. thats a good deal.. we are going to sell our little Stoker too..

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    Didn't you just get it?

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    Didn't you just get it?
    We realized we are not going to use as much as we would have liked.. We did some upgrades.. We just bought a house.. and having two stokers in the family is not in the cards right now..
    Good luck on the sale of yours.. Im sorry to see it go..
    its always good to have at least one stoker in house..
    Hope your business deal works out well for you..
    Your welcome to come with us any time

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    Thanks for the offer JP! I will miss the Stoker, but I'm pretty sure I will have another one after everything works out.

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    Boat was originally my personal boat and when serviced last week it still looks great.

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    Champ Ref
    Is that the re-make of my dads??????

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