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Thread: Let`s Support the Troops.

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    On Friday, call your local rock radio station and request Iron Maiden`s "Run to the Hills" song. Dedicated to Osama care of the citizens of the United States. Let everyone in the Armed Forces know that we are behind them 110%! Throw some smoke on the Taliban! Don`t let up.

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    fat rat
    I'll call WARW 94.7 Washington DC's only classic rock station....we must show our support.....these could be difficult times.....thank a person in uniform next time you see him/her walking down the street, it can be a thankless job.....some people just assume we're there!!

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    Just to let all of you know, all of us in the military thank you for your support. Furthermore, we will never waiver in our defense of this great nation!

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    ****IN` A

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    Run to tha hills..,drum solo,,,,,,,,,,Run for your life,,,,,,,Drum solo,,,,,,,,You get the idea!
    Yeah, I did my time in the US ****in` ARMY! I can deffinately say,,,,,,,,We can kick asssssssssssssss!

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    Time to call it in. Also time to send Osama some hot ass plutonium. My $0.02!

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