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Thread: Looking for a Circle boat hull to build a k-boat

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    Mid-life Crisis
    Hi! I've been visiting the boards for a while and I've been bitten by the K-boat bug. It's time to make a move.....I'm looking for a good deal on a biesemeyer or revenge hull. Can anyone help???

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    Go Here ( ...There's a couple there....

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    Mid-life Crisis
    Thanks for the tip!! I'll be going out there next week to check it out!!

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    I am testing the boats next week and will be selling one of them. I just don't know what one yet. here are some links to pics
    both proven race boats. SS33 was 4th overall for firebird this year.

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    Mid-life Crisis
    Do you have a number where I can reach you? Let's talk..

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    You Can Give Me A Call At 602-703-1491.

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    Mid-life Crisis
    I'm going to look at a couple of boats this week. Let me know which one you end up selling. Thanks for the feedback!

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    saw tom buckles is selling a couple of b boats ojn u might like

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