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Thread: Miniature Pincher

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    Doas anyone know of a local breeder My wife and my son want one I want a english Bulldog but i hear their health is not always the best plus i really dont want to fork over 2g's for one

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    I dont know about mini pinschers but i will be having a batch of tiny yorkies available in the next couple of months....

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    No but I know where you can get a used cat

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    If you want Bullie let me know. I know of a great breeder locally who's one of the top guys in the country. I can also get you some info on the mini's if you want, my buddy has like three of them.

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    Havasu Luvr
    I just got a female (red) min pin but this breeder is alittle far...Barstow, I had watch the availability on these and they seem to sell QUICK ! ! ! at least in the high desert. Up here the price is alittle more affordable then in LA or OC. So far she is addorable, HYPER, lovable, HYPER, cuddable, HYPER, did I mention HYPER. All in all, a great choice... PM Frenchie....He has one of each
    Her name is P-nut......good luck

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    Sweet I like your mini HL
    Hustler sent you a PM

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    I know someone here in Tucson that breeds the little Dobie's.

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    I know someone here in Tucson that breeds the little Dobie's.
    Do they ship dogs????? :idea:

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    I have an english bulldog and he hasn't had any significant health issues, just farts often. He's not even show quality, but I had rescued him from the National Bulldog Rescue about 5 years ago. He's a blast, and suits my lifestyle perfectly.

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    Do they ship dogs????? :idea:
    I don't know if you would want to stress the pup out right off the get go. Its only about 7-8 hours from LA to Tucson. Take the 10 all the way. If you want I can try and contact the guy.

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