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Thread: air scoops

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    which scoop do u guys like the looks of better? this http://www2.*** one?

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    Jordy someone stole your "air scoop".

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    Im partial to the last "air scoop", its much purtier.

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    I like the first myself,if u had two carbs i would say the venturi types

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    I like the repo mans scoop...
    I really like the on rrrr has on his boat too.
    Out of the two in the pic, I say is too damn hard to pick, all scoops and shit look bitchen.

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    ok i think the venturi is for sale cheep make me a offer and it will prob be yours lol

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    PE 316
    I like this style best myself...
    (does this picture show up as a "red X" on your computer like it does on mine??)
    Try a "link" to this same image: (

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    sure does.......

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