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Thread: Getting there

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    Ken F

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    Jake W2
    Ken you better get to polishing on thoes heads and intake.
    What chevy ext you gona use on the Blue Thunders?

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    Nice Ken, how bout some details? What happend to the other motor?

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    Ken F
    Jake, the intake is powdercoated, and I'm not about to polish heads!!!! LOL
    Already sold my Ford headers, and have a new set of Chebby TT's
    BK, nothing really happened to it, just upgraded to BT heads, that brought the additional baggage of new headers, intake, and a 1050 Dominator. Then got worried about pushing the bottom end a bit too far, so did a bunch of Oiling mods, one of Paul Kane's (LakesOnly) new hi-volume oil pumps, and new rods, bearings, know the never ends! lol

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    definitely looks better than that oversprayed hammer on the ground
    Lookin real good Ken! I can't wait to hear the new numbers.....gas must be cheap back there, 1050 Dom huh?

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    Ken F
    .....gas must be cheap back there, 1050 Dom huh?
    Cas, you got me pegged! LOL I shudder everytime I walk past it.
    I can only hope with doubeling the HP & TQ I can cruze @ half-throttle.
    Howz that for rationalization?

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    Ken, do you still have that 750 Holley for sale? If so, what are you looking to get for it? Thanks

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    Looking good Ken!

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    Lookin' good Ken! Can't wait to see it shoe-horned into the ass end of that Cheyenne.
    Are ya gonna try and scare me more than you did last year? :2purples:

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    Ken F
    Are ya gonna try and scare me more than you did last year? :2purples:
    Kevin, I didn't realize you were scared last year-you sure hid it well behind that big grin on your face! lol
    BK sent you a pm.
    Ken F

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