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Thread: Legend jet drives???

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    What do you guys Know about Legend jet drives?

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    Here's the home site:
    They are basically a copy of the Berkeley drives. Their "G" even fits the exact hull mold of the Berk E/F pumps. Not that the "copy" term is bad. Pretty much everyone but Jacuzzi, Panther, and Hamilton got their start being a clone of a Berkeley.

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    Aluminum Squirt
    I run a Legend with a rock grate and a white water nozzle. I used to run it with a PD. It's worked very well for me and I continually hammer it with a steady diet of rocks and sand. I'm not running too much HP, less than 350, but I've been over 70MPH. I was told a couple of guys from Berkley had what they thought were some good ideas for a couple of changes in the pump, but Berkley refused to listen to them. They went out on their own and started Legend. I'm not sure if that story is BS or not. Anyway, I'm not a pump guy or engineer, but I've had good luck with mine and I haven't treated it very well. It probably all depends what kind of HP you are going to throw at it and what you are going to do with it. Any regular application should be fine. If you are going to try something a little more on the edge, you may want to stick to a Berk as there are many more people out there that truely understand the Berks and can keep you efficient and safe-Aluminum Squirt

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    M.P.D. Costa Mesa

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    Does it take the same impeller as a berkely? Can it take 600 HP? I'm running a JE now, with a bronze A, cavitation reducer, loader, and hyd. place diverter; but I'm looking at a new boat with that legend drive and wouldn't mind switching out my good stuff if it fits!

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