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Thread: Canyon Inn Get Together?

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    Anyone up for a Canyon Inn get together in Yorba Linda? I was thinking next Thursday the 19th. :clover:

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    Havasu Doug
    Count me in.

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    don johnson
    I am in, live right up the street

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    We got Irishgal and Froggy (no name here on HB) coming also.
    Yup I'm in....thanks Tom...never get on here much these days.

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    I will see what I can do. I think I can make it. :shift:

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    don johnson
    I will see what I can do. I think I can make it. :shift:
    If you make it I will bring the hot rod.

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    Let me see if my brother is working that night.

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    60% yes :idea:

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    I can't believe I am actually going to miss an event... Can't make it...flying out to NYC that morning....

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