I'm puttin' a fancy smancy systme in my boat too. Up until now, I have always wired the head unit to a switch that when shut off, shut's the whole thing down, including the memory wire. Meaning: No clock, no stations, and no sound settings retained.
On this boat, I am putting a pretty hi-end Clarion that has a LOT of things to set. Anybody have any tricks to using the memory backup without draining the battery? Does anybody use the memory backup? (You know, the wires that are supposed to be hooked up to constant positive, not switched)
HELP! :220v:
I've considered:
1) Custom 10 Cell back of sub-C 3300 RC car batteries wired in on a relay. :smile:
2) Solar Cell :idea:
3) Hook it up like the old way and deal with the reset every time I start my boat (AARRGGHH!!) :yuk:
4) Try it the right way with the memory wire and see if the battery dies?!?
I know the wise and wonderful members of the board have answered this by now. Thanks!