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Thread: Is the bearing supposed to come off that easy?!!

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    I have been trying to look into my thrust bearing lately. ( pump 12-JF ) Today I was able to take off the front cap in front of the bearing and pull the thrust bearing out with my fingers and a little bit of shimmying!
    Exactly how bad is that ?
    Theres only a little bit of forward and backward play with the shaft before I took the cap off, not even a quarter of an inch. What is the allowable play ? Is there supposed to be any? The thrust bearing has no damage to it what so ever , the inner sleeve doesnt move at all and overall the bearing is very tight other than the obvious rolling movement.
    there is also no wear on the wear ring at all where it butts up against the impeller , no brazing , no discoloration nothing.
    Do I have anything to worry about?

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    Dana Marine Products
    Bearings should be pressed on, beyond that there should have been a snap ring holding it in place. There's not supposed to be any foward movement in that shaft. When I have a shaft that a bearing falls off of, I center punch 6 dimples around the circumfrance of the shaft where the bearing fits on. Then it will accept press. If the bearing is loose on the shaft, the shaft can spin inside the bearing, stainless on stainless with that kind of friction = gawling. I've seen bearings welded to shafts.

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    Is the bearing loose because maybe the shaft is worn or maybe the bearing could be the wrong bearing even though its fits?
    With only a quarter inch or less of movement the bearing should still be somewhat harder to slide on and off the shaft right? If it normally has to be pressed on
    Cause the sleeve behind it is tight as hell and thats not comin off

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    Duane HTP
    That's the way the bearing should be also. You should have to press it off. Sounds like you have some shaft wear. Sometimes those can be knurled and saved. Also make sure when you go back with the new bearing, that when the bearing is pressed on, there is no more room in front of the bearing, (on the shaft), than is necessary to put the snap ring in. If there is, you may have a worn slinger, or a dominator shaft that the spacer has been left off of. If you don't understand what I'm saying here, give me a call and I'll help you through it. 316-794-8616

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    Everything is intact , the shaft sleeve is still on there and I can get my hand in the suction piece and the sleeve is pressed on. The bearing itself goes in and butts up againt the seat on the outer edge behind it and theres just enough room to put the retainer clip on and then the cap.
    It seems like the sleeve has actually moved backwards on the shaft but Im not sure if that would be possible. Looking at everything more closely and the shaft only moves backwards but even that makes no sense because the bearing fits exactly the way it is supposed to , flush with the suction piece and doesnt move backwards and the clip is right up against it. ???????????????? So I'm basicaly looking at buying a new shaft also right?

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    Duane HTP
    Give me your phone number in an email and I'll call you and explain what your problem is to you. It's much easier by phone.

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