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Thread: Wicked Performance Boats !!!!

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    Ok Guys&Gals, Some of you know us,some of you have met us, some have posted here. What we all have in common is a love for boats and how to make our boating experiences better. On Sept 1st last year I ordered a new hull from a boat manufacturer and thru the process i could not recieve the boat that I wanted. After 8months, he tried to talk me into taking a compromised hull, [not what I ordered or what he agreed to build for me!] Then when I asked him to knock off $500 for waiting for my boat and selling me a boat not built to my specs. He said not only would not discount it any, but I had to pay substantially more for the boat! I had a written and signed agreement that he wouldn't honor. Thankfully he did give me back my $1,000 deposit. Now what this process did was to allow me to purchase a gullwing hull mold. I guess things worked out for the BETTER. We are proud to announce our New Business. " WICKED PERFORMANCE BOATS " Boats and parts built to your specs. If you want to purchase a bare hull built to your specs or at any stage up to a complete turnkey boat, we'd like to help! We want the boat company to be your kind of boat company. So seeing how this is a new business. I want your imput on how we can best serve you. We'd like to be as user friendly as possible. So take the time to give us some usable ideas and opinions. We'd like to be your boat company!!! Mr.&Mrs Budlight :idea:

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    Jake W2
    You guys need to get a deck out of that mold so we can see what it looks like.
    Good luck with your new buis,cant wait to see the first one out.

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    Is your gull wing mold a 19ft or 18ft? Is it similar to the Youngblood mold like the CPs are, or is it like the Mantras? If you don't mind me asking, who will be laying them up for you? Thanks

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    Good to hear your moving forward on this Budlight... it was nice talking to you Sunday at FC3 and hearing your ideas, etc... Like others I can't wait to see one popped out of the mold, and I have honestly been thinking about a new hull change in the near future...
    Good Luck and keep us posted!

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    Jake W2
    DD I can tell you it is a 18 same bottom as a 18 CP or 18 Earl Smith the top is diffrent.

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    Was the boat that you were trying to buy a Gullwing hull? CP?
    SteveM - former CP owner.

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    Congrats on the new buisness. I really
    hope it turns into the kind of buisness that
    you want. (couldn't be any worse then the other
    guy you were dealing with )
    Can't wait to see a fresh one.

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Thanks Traci, Just want to help fellow boaters have a realistic, reasonable experience boating! Starting with the Wicked 18ft Performance Gullwing Say hi to Jeff for me. Budlight

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    That sounds great!
    In less then a year I've heard of a few new players building flatbottoms and a few new ones making jets.
    Gotta love this story. Guy could not get what he wants so he went out and did it his self. Now it sounds like he can offer it to others as well.
    Living the American dream, it's a great thing!

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    Who will be doing the Lay Up???????????

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