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Thread: ? for Duane htp and looking for tunnel hull to build

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    Duane, I saw on another post where you said you have a 23ft tunnel with a jet. What hull is that? Any pics? I just sold my Scarab a few weeks ago and now shopping for another jet. But, I want something with more size and freeboard than a Daytona 21 or Liberator.
    I have a 496 with BM blower and Berkly 12 JG, and now looking for a hull to build and would still concider a 21 tunnel or 19 gull wing if its the right deal. My last jet was the 19ft tunnel in my avitar. It was a great boat, just too small for us now.
    Thanks, Scott

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    Jake W2
    Duane has a Kustom Kraft 23 tunnel (not regular fiber cons)made by Jimmy Dommnic(sp).They are no longer in buis I heard talk of mabey Phoniex fiberglass making them but as far as I have heard nothing in the process yet.That would involve Duane giving his up for a while.

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    Bryan Rose
    It was my understanding that Duanes Boat is a Klegocell boat and not able to be used for a plug.... The original mold his was made from was burned in a warehouse fire years ago.....
    No JOy ........................................I would be in line for one if possible.
    Bryan Rose

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    Duane HTP
    Pretty much all of the above is true. My boat is a 23' Kustom Kraft built tunnel hull. It is made out of Klegocell and Kevlar.The 23' boat weighs just over 600 lbs. It's actually too light for todays engines and pump efficiency. It runs a little over 120 MPH with a blown gas 588 inch Chevy. If someone still built this boat, I would order a new one today. I love it. I've never kept a boat this long before, but I can't find anything that would replace it. Phoenix boats just about has their 21' mold ready to produce boats, but it's more like an Eliminator hill. Papp builds a nice 21' also. I thought I had one of the boats like mine bought here a while back to build a mold, but the deal fell through. There were only 6 of them built. My light hull would not be conducive to building a mold because of all of the work it woud take to smoothe out all of the Klegocell squares in it.

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    Jake W2
    So that is what it is made from (Klegocell) when I was looking at it I thought man you can really see a block type pattren through the gel.
    Duane do you have any pics of Ervins 21 and what is the price going to be?

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    Duane HTP
    Jake, Ervin does not have a 21' boat mold. You are confusing him with his ex-partner Wayne Henness. Henness runs Ultra Marine. Ervin runs Cheyenne Custom Boats. Together, they used to run Phoenix Fiberglass. Henness is the one with the 21' mold. Don't have any prices yet.

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    PC Rat
    It is made out of Klegocell and Kevlar.The 23' boat weighs just over 600 lbs. It's actually too light for todays engines and pump efficiency.
    Duane what do you mean that it is too light? Is it not a strong hull? Too light for the length of the boat - too much air entrapment for the weight? That weight seems to be more in the range of a 19', does it accelerate like a 19' boat?
    Can you tell me a little more about Klegocell? I've never heard of it. What is it and why did they use it?
    I hope that is enough questions to keep you busy today, I'm sure you didn't have anything else to do :rollside:

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    Duane HTP
    To light in that it would fly very easily if not real careful. It really runs too fast for a lake boat. I get my top speed with 66 gallons of gas on board and two heavies like me riding up front. That helps keep it on the water.
    Klegocell is a material that looks kind of like tan sarofoam. It is cut in 1" squares and has a cheese cloth matting on the back side of it kind of like the balsa wood they use in boats. Its very light and when the resin runs down into the little squares, it kind of makes a honey comb/fiberglass material effect. It was expensive to build, and I don't think they use it any more. Carbon fiber has taken it's place in boats.

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    Duane, Check your private messages at Banderlog. Thanks

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    Thanks for the info.....If someone were to start building a 22 or 23ft tunnel jet simular to a Daytona, do you suppose anyone would buy them? I always thought the old 23ft Daytona would make a nice jet boat.

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