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Thread: Drive -vs- Thru-hull water pickup?

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    I've got a thru-hull water pickup for engine cooling now. I'm switching to a bravo that has the low water pickup. I've been told that you can plumb the water pickup back through the transom and dump it top of the drive like a shower. Anyone done this?

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    I guess you could get one of those angled dumps from Teague, and have it exit the center of transom above the drive. Personally, I would run a shower instead of drilling a hole in the transom.

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    Are you saying use the water pick-up in the lower to just feed the shower? If so, that's what I did. Only I blocked of the part inside the transom and just drilled a hole in the side of the case where the water jacket is. Tapped it and ran an A/N fitting and hose to the to of the drive for cooling. You can just see it on the side of the case in this picture.

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    Yeah - that's what I'm saying. My drive already has a shower, but I wanted to either block (not an option I assume) or plumb the low water pickup to dump back onto the top of the drive, or just dump out the transom. Glad others are havng success with this.

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    maybe evryone already does this but i have thru hull pickup and drive shower and zI run my chiller exit and exhaust (dry exhaust)water out back over drive instead of out side.

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