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Thread: Carb and spark ?

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    Sand Dawg
    It's a 92 350 Mag in a 21.5 ft, plugs are BR6FS, stock carb Weber/Catrer and new rebuild on the carb, runs good for a cruiser.
    Question ....taking the plugs out for inspection and all are char/coal black.
    ..Is this a fuel/air mix problem or just the norm?
    ps..... no oil use or fuel smell in the oil.

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    Too fat............period..............MP
    PS: unless you are trying to read the plugs after you idle in after a run. You must shut it down "right now" to get an acurate reading on the plugs. Idleing in will give you false readings........

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    Don't try and put those black plugs back in and get a running reading, either. Buy new plugs. :coffeycup

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    The only way to get a true reading of the plugs is to click it off at WOT after a good run!..

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    Sand Dawg
    I already know I'm too fat, but what do I do about it?
    Which fuel screw on the front of the Weber is for high idle and which
    is for idle/idle.
    New plugs will be going back in.
    Or is this a jetting issue?????

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    Sand Dawg

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    The screws on the front of the carb are for idle. You need to put smaller secondary jets in it.

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    Sand Dawg
    So what is the safest and easiest way to change secondary jets in a Carter/Weber carb, short of taking off and sending it in?

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