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Thread: Nordskog Info Needed!

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    Dave Sammons
    Looks like we'll be starting "vdriver4ever's" Nordskog in a few months. Been talking with Pat about how the boat should go back together. Do we do it old school, how it was raced(the picture with the blue paint is how he got it), or update it with a few touches back to it's history? The latter, is the way we are leaning at this time. Because of it's interesting shape, what do you all think about paint(the boat is all white as shown). We will be redoing the floor, and of course the rigging and it will be powered by a 427 Ford as original. Would like to see some posts of any old Nordskog's to get some striping ideas. Also, if any one knows the difinitive history of these rare boats(I've heard there's only been somewhere between 17 and 25 made), like to hear that story as well. Away we go!!!
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    Thats going to make a sweet boat guys, any original pics of the boat :mix:

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    That is one crazy looking boat. That V-Drive sits waaaay up in there.

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    that boat is beautiful. I'd love to see the way they bent the stringers.
    I have some old salton sea 500 footage, 16mm changed to tape, with nordskog driving one of his shark tooth boats.
    damn, that is very nice. what a great piece of history.

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    Wow, that's pretty wild! Looks like something you'd see one of Louie Unser's Fords in. Was Nordskog on Supelveda in Van Nuys, right around Burbank? I think I remember seeing it there as a kid.
    Very cool boat, and in good hands! PLease keep us posted. :coffeycup

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    Dave Sammons
    Thats going to make a sweet boat guys, any original pics of the boat :mix:
    The Blue Paint is original. I'm sure more than one Unser Ford made it's way into these boats. I'd like to see 4 Webers on the top of the FE motor, talk about period correct!

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    Looks great Dave, love the cav plate setup!..

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    Have you talked to the guy that brings his viking out to Long Beach? He's seems to know all the info on them.

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    Ted who is like a second dad to me, worked for Nordskog in the sixties and built a lot of the hardware in those Viking-Spirit boats. He has lots of pictures of them. And I know some are of that boat, I remember the brown and blue!! There was no cutting corners when they made them, you should put it back to original condition. I would like to bring him down to see the boat and he can bring his picture book with him. One of his best friends Jim O’Leary raced a boat like this one call the Leprechaun K-Boat back in the day. Do any of you guys remember that boat? It had a big picture of a Leprechaun or a four-leaf clover on the deck? We heard the Leprechaun boat was for sell in the boat trader about 6 years ago.

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