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Thread: Great Idea...

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    Watch the Video... (

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    Wow!!! chilly cheese on that please!

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    How many fingers does the guy have that invented that? :smile:
    I wanna call BS, doesn't look possible to me.

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    WOW. That sent chills down my spine. Ive cut my hand before on a table saw. eeuw :lightsabe

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    I wonder why he doesnt use his own finger to test it if it is so good. lol

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    I wonder why he doesnt use his own finger to test it if it is so good. lol
    Stupidity might not come with health Ins. :hammerhea

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    Tom Brown
    I heard about that device several years ago when I used to follow a wood working forum. It's a neat idea.

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    Yeah, thats for real, no BS is supposed to detet the blade harmonics and sense a slight change when cutting skin...amazing,lol

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