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Thread: Wrightnow....where were you?

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    Did'nt see you at Ming, what happened? Payback#279 wants to know if you really never lost a race on the river. Wild Bill says he wants to pay for your first time slip at the 2002 NJBA season opener at Ming.
    P.S. congratulations on owning the most downloaded CP on the internet!
    Your friends,

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    Sons, I gotta tell ya, that fuzzy scooter that has your boatname PAYBACK on it must be a *****. Everytime I see that dadgum thing she has a new rider. http://free.***

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    We call that the "pimp" bike. It's been looped at the Winternationals (hence the wobbling front wheel). A buddy's dog attacked it at the Manufacturer's cup and bit the fur off the front sprocket! Another dog pissed on the rear wheel at the same race. Everyone wants to ride it and be seen (unlike mopeds and fat chicks). The Urban Menace team used it Sat. night. It's taken on a life of its own. We warn other teams to keep their pit bikes away from it as it may pass on some sort of mange from the fur. Will post a picture here sometime.

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    Hey lowriver...whats up!!
    Sorry I missed Ming, but saturday is soccer day and PAYBACK had already kick ass for the season and won the jacket. Now about lossing race, as i see it the key to never loosing a race on upperriver is choosing the right races to run.
    As I'm sure you know I did get spanked pretty good on labor day at lost lake by PAYBACK. But that was last season and i will be ready next year if PAYBACK dares to show again hahaha!!
    We need to get together soon, We can talk about how to keep from making boats payments on boats we dont have yet (or my never have).

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    Hey WM, to address the following:
    1.You and the rest of north river know I have a slow,heavy Eliminator Liberty, I never claimed to be a racer, just helped a neighbor at NJBA this year. I get my kicks at work.
    2.Payback had it tight all the way to the end. Damn good competition!
    3.You are the quickest on North river, but contenders at my park for 2002:
    A.540Rogers on NOS
    B.Texas Tunnel pickle boat
    C.Blown Daytona
    Get ready!
    4.Remember, keep that 396 around so you can still boat after you stand on the Nitrous too long and snap that pretty motor.
    5.Mr. S. won't carry you on payments for a new motor or boat anymore.
    6.It's okay to talk about the future and planned boats, we all do.
    7.Did I say NOS is not for boys?
    8.Wild Bill wants to meet you at Ming in a grudge race against the PAYBACK motor in his open bow CP that you have labeled on this board as slow.
    9.Per Wild Bill "Bottles are for babies!"
    10.Did'nt "Right Now!" pertain to how Wild Bill first told you how CP's plane?
    C-ya, let's meet soon

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    Oops, mispelled WN ,
    while I'm here, sorry you think me and mine act like we're above the law. Don't remember when I acted as such to you.

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    Boy so much to reply to where to start,
    1. Say what you will about your ride but it looks good and has never let you down (your boat not your wife).
    2.Payback had a great year, I would just like to see him in a class he can win also (ski jet)
    3. I may have said I was the quickest on our end of the river, but as long as corinne's ok with it so am I. As for the CP like I said it's all about picking the right race. There still Josh I need to run along with your camp, looks like it going to be a fun summer.
    4. I wish we still had the 396
    5. Mr. S. has always done right by me and hopfully he always will.
    6. I own my dream boat, I was talking about a large cat (26ft) that I keep hearing about but never seams to be completed. HAHAHA!!
    7. Who you calling a boy, NOS is like taking Payback for a ride, You know it's only a matter of time (payback for swimming, NOS lossing the motor). Oh yeh thats already happend with Payback.
    8. Wow did I bad mouth the open bow, my bad. I thought I alway spoke good of her. But Wild Bill want a race bring it on, just let me know the rules. Do we race like men (NJBA style) or like he did the last time.
    9. Sounds like talk from someone running scared.
    10. Yes 'Right Now' came from Wild Bill and I can't thank hime enough.
    And yes we need to get together soon.
    Now for you last comment, I don't remember ever making such a comment to you nor have I ever thought that about you. You have always walked the talk. But as for your kind as a whole (not all, just most that I have ever know), from what I have seen and benefited from also your kind does and will use the badge to walk from what normal would be a ticket or jail. I never was good with 'do as I say not as I do'
    I'm glad to hear that someone is speaking for my me now. life is good!!!!
    [This message has been edited by wrightnow (edited November 01, 2001).]

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    1.The boat is what it is: transportation in a world away from the daily war I call work.
    2.My warden has never let me down.
    3.Payback's motor is too big for ski jet (482)/ and both classes need a lot of dough to win (boat would need another 10mph) It did pretty damn good though with steel heads in essentially a truck motor(9.86/104)
    4.Mr. S. was only ribbing!
    5.The payments, I thought that was at me, I never talked about a 26footer, but I know who you directed it at.
    6.WB wants the grudge match at Ming/River racer-on the line. Helpful hint http://free.*** leave anytime after the big number 9 appears)
    7.WB has been tossed, in his words, "damn good lesson/learned respect for a tunnel quickly".
    The last part was passed to me by one in the group. That's why I called u out on it. As for what you've seen, read the papers, Many guys are getting fired and worse for stuff. You know how angry I got when I started lurking six months ago at the comments around here about my kind. Reality is: yes, some have done wrong, Many and almost all will never cross a line or even attempt to get away with anything. The best thing about this board was to see how most boaters think of us when we're not around. They all tell their kids to wave to us and then talk trash to our backs. Same old story. Just glad to see it first hand. It would'nt grind me if it was a Hoover St. Crip or a Denver Lanes Blood, It's when it comes from an upper middle class guy who cries over one ticket and then claims all of us are subhuman. But you know what, the crazy thing is I'll help that knucklehead anytime because its my job. I chose it/ it did'nt choose me. I'm done bitching. Well, you know who I am, I don't speak for most but I will back up what I say and do 24/7/ and for the nay sayers: BRING IT!
    I've said enough for now/Heading to work.
    P.S. The funny part, You thought I was ok before you knew what I did.
    See ya at the cove in April /LR

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    Hey hey now play nice boys.... Sounds like there's a race to be had.
    Wrightnow, you gotta leave me out of this one, you know my strategy, lay low until I go

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