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    Excessive Force
    that link to why water is blue? ar certain depths :messedup:

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    Don't know if you were looking for that specific page or just an answer, but here's just an answer I found :wink:
    Light comes in particles called photons, but it also acts as a wave. Light has many different wavelengths. That's right, they are measured in length, from about 400 nanometers (the violet end of the rainbow) to about 700 nanometers (the red end of the rainbow). These wavelengths are the range of visible light, but there are wavelengths of light that we cannot see. Some are ultraviolet light, the kind that gives us suntans and sunburns. Any object will be good at absorbing some of the wavelengths of light and bad at absorbing others. The wavelengths of visible light that are NOT absorbed, and get reflected back, determine what color the object will appear to be to our eyes. In the case of water, blue wavelengths of light are not absorbed very well. In fact, they are scattered, and in deep water (as opposed to a puddle), a lot of blue light is scattered - enough to make the water look blue! In the ocean, sunlight can only penetrate so far down, but it still goes through a large amount of water, and so a large amount of blue light is scattered for our eyes to see. Very blue oceans don't have all that much plant life compared to greener waters. Ocean waters that look greenish have lots of green plants below the surface, living off the sunlight that gets through.

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    It might have been this one
    I remember there was at least one thread about it because I posted one but I deleted it later.
    There was another link too, that had a shorter, simpler answer but I haven't re-found that one yet. If I do, I'll put it up.

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    Dr. Eagle
    Sergei Smirnov, I think I drank his Vodka once... :idea:

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