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    I am looking for info on an older Kona boat, can anyone direct me to a website that might have manufacturer info, or info about the boat at all....
    Thanks for the help

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    i have a 73 kona and have never found much info on them...

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    Spent a few hours last week trying to source info sites for a friend who has a '72 Kona....nada. They appear to have folded in about '78 and left nary a trace. Most of the hardware they used was Hardin, so parts are still out there.

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    not much luck here either.... mine is a 16' and is supposed to have an outboard, on it.... I just want to see if I could somehow put a small jet in it and how... perhaps a small 3.1 V6 Chev or something along those lines... but perhaps I will go with the outboard maybe even two

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    mines 17'6".. has a 455 and a jacuzzi jet.. so it should be doable with a 16 footer

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    That would be nice...

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    Kona was one of many Southern California boats made from splashed Shuyster/Tahiti hulls in the late '60s -mid '70s. Essentially Shuyster would rent out his molds, and several other makes sprang from the some molds.
    Besides Tahiti, there was Hawaiian, Gemini, Cheetah, and a few more which slip my mind.

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