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Thread: Only one picture per post?

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    I responded to a post and attached two pictures to it. Got a message when I posted that I had too many attachments. It was only TWO. I thought it used to be like 6 or 7 max, why was it cut back to ONE?

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    OK, apparently the stars weren't aligned before, They are now It couldn't have been anything I was doing

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    Pictures seem to work just fine...
    I would say so!! thanks!!

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    Best hoo hoo's money can buy :wink:

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    Best hoo hoo's money can buy :wink:
    Money well spent

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    All those chicks have big hoo hoos. :supp:
    I was gonna post that as soon as I finished masterbating to them

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    Don't forget. Smilies count as attachments.

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