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Thread: Hot Boats And Babes Makes It Into Hot Boat Magazine!

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    As the crystal ball states the event will be in the July edition.
    I have spoken with Brett (Hot Boat editor) and he was extremely impressed with the quality of boats in Texas. He spoke about his interest in seeing more of these custom crafts in up coming editions of Hot Boat magazine.
    We will continue to take photos of Babes and Boats. Each photo opportunity will be reviewed and sent to Hot Boat magazine. This event was just a start. Now let's see the rest of the states keep pace.
    It's going to be a wonderful year.
    Renee Schulz
    McQueeney Bikini Co.

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    Do you have tobe from Texas? Cause I want to come too :messedup: :messedup:

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    This year it was only Texas Boats. Next year will be everyone from every state.

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    Ken F
    Renee, we have the 3d Annual "Table Rock Roost" coming up July 16 & 17.
    Wish there were a way for you all to make it up to Southern Missiouri for it!!
    It is sure a Beautiful spot in the Ozarks.
    Ken F

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